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BoseUK will satisfy the demand for expert advice in the GCC region - approach combines the very best of international consulting and C-Executive level experience, together with a local understanding and wide experience of the Saudi and other GCC markets.

The firm’s Directors provide a comprehensive range of executive skills to manage the new entity. The company has been branded as BoseUK Consulting (Bose–Utagey-Khattaf) which reflects the founders’ names.

The firm has presence in London and Riyadh in order to provide service offerings to its clients in the KSA, GCC and internationally.


BoseUK’s overall corporate vision is to be the first-choice consulting firm in the GCC for the Financial and Telecoms Industry, and to provide the best consulting advice and support to our Clients to help them achieve every one of their stated goals.

Our vision is based on over 25 years of experience in the consulting business as well as Client surveys, our firm will ensure that every one of its advisors to subscribe to its principles.


The three directors of BoseUK Consulting provide the complementary skills and experience that make the firm a success. Their skills include: operational experience of running a boutique consulting company that has competed successfully against global rivals, a deep understanding of technology strategy and management, working closely with Ministerial level government Clients and operational experience in the GCC regional and international financial environment.


Tawfeg Al-Utagey is a senior figure in the Saudi and GCC Technology world. Tawfeg has held positions as Board Member of HC Securities, the COO and VP IT of Tadawul during a decade of significant development, COO of NCB Capital one of the largest Investment Banks in the KSA, Head of IT with Saudi Holland Bank and technical positions with Samba Financial Services. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Artise Design. Tawfeg was voted The Who's Who of Financial Technology 2012 by FT Summit. He has a high level of credibility and trust amongst numerous senior Executives in Finance and Telecoms that derives from his excellent track record in C-Level positions. Tawfeg will bring valuable contacts and insights to BoseUK consulting in winning consulting business and in directing complex business and technology assignments.


Khaled Al-Khattaf is currently CEO of a major family investment company and has formerly held several senior positions including: CEO of an international firm, CFO of Tadawul, Acting Head of Investment department at SAMA, Investor officer World Bank, and a member of several boards. Khaled’s senior level experience and range of positions will bring a wealth of knowledge and contacts to BoseUK Consulting and business insights on the operation of the business in KSA and consulting assignments in the region.


Goutam Bose is the Managing Director of Bose Consulting, a London based niche consultancy that has successfully operated as advisors to central financial markets for 21 years. Goutam has over 28 years of consulting experience having formerly held senior positions in PWC Consulting and E&Y Consulting in London. Bose Consulting has advised on over 75 projects in 50 advanced and emerging markets. The firm has won major projects in the KSA and GCC region for over 15 years and recently completed projects for the CMA and Tadawul in Riyadh. This wealth of consulting experience combined with a network of expert advisors and a client success rate of 100% with will be a major contribution to the operation of the new BoseUK Consulting organisation.