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BoseUK has been a leader in developing and using specialist methodologies to provide specialist evaluation and advisory services to markets worldwide, building on; best practice, international standards, academic theories and refined on numerous projects with financial market institutions and Telecoms companies.

Our unique methodologies include the following, which have been used on a variety of major consulting assignments.







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• ITPOD™ - Information Technology & Process Outsourcing Development.

A detailed methodology to assess and analyse both the users and providers of IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in securities and Telecoms markets. Contains detailed survey templates for supply and demand, feasibility analysis and a template and a sample best practice outsourcing contract. Compliant with IOSCO principles for Markets and FMIs (Exchanges, CSDs & CCPs) and financial intermediaries (brokers) using or planning to use outsourcing services. Used as a basis to develop the entire IT and Business Processing Outsourcing market and licensing conditions for the Saudi securities market.