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BoseUK has been a leader in developing and using specialist methodologies to provide specialist evaluation and advisory services to markets worldwide, building on; best practice, international standards, academic theories and refined on numerous projects with financial market institutions and Telecoms companies.

Our unique methodologies include the following, which have been used on a variety of major consulting assignments.







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• SCARFES™ - Scored Criteria Assessment Ranking For Effective Systems.

A detailed methodology specifically for complex vendor and system procurements. Contains specialist business, technical and non-functional template requirements for financial market and telecoms industries as a starting point for a further, detailed customer adaptation. Integrates with a best practice System Requirements Specification (SRS) and Request for Proposal (RFP) structures, and is fully integrated with an evaluation tool to ensure high quality and efficient input, analysis, evaluation and selection of vendors and their proposed system. This includes cost frameworks, “what if” analysis and detailed as well as board level reporting capabilities. Used successfully over 40 systems and vendors evaluations and selections to date.